Command Ops 2 – “Lang’s Challenge” – The Korsun Pocket Project

Leading 3rd Panzer Division on the first day

This is the first scenario of The Korsun Pocket Project.  I was brought into this project years ago by Miquel Ramirez, BG in the old Matrix Forums, to help assist with the development of scenarios for CO2.  BG was one of the lead developers of the game at that time but has since parted ways with Panther Games.

The original project never got off the ground and BG’s Korsun work was essentially forgotten.  With Miquel’s permission, I have kept things alive and very slowly built upon his original map, his original establishment file and created three scenarios for CO2 fans to play.

This first scenario is titled “Lang’s Challenge.”  It portrays (I hope!) the tactical challenges Oberst Lang, 3rd Panzer Division commander on Jan 25, 1944, must have faced as he grappled with the Russian onslaught and an incredibly challenging battlefield that morning.

To play this scenario you will need to download a new map, a new establishment file, some graphic images for the scenario (signatures and SAM file), and the scenario file itself.

The new establishment file is detailed and models Russian Regular + Guard Divisions and their weaponry quite well.

The scenario briefing:

On January 23, 1944 German commanders began to observe a build-up of enemy forces in the 389 ID sector of the frontline.  Artillery barrages were called down upon the massing columns of men and vehicles and messages were sent to XI Corps HQ.   Aerial reconnaissance was ordered by XI Corps commander Gen. Wilhelm Stemmerman over the area of the buildup, but the direction of the likely attack was hard to predict.  As a precaution 8th Army General Otto Wohler, after receiving Stemmerman's report, ordered the 11th and 14th Panzer divisions into a reserve position behind the frontline. 

On January 24, Russian forces began a deliberate reconnaissance of the German lines on the eastern and western sides of the Korsun Salient in anticipation of the next day's offensive.

On January 25, at 05:00 Hrs the 2nd Ukrainian Front launched a massive attack against the 389 ID, sending 14 infantry divisions and 3 tank corps against the German positions.  The division, stretched over a 19km front, broke apart.

Desperately, German commanders scoured the frontline units for reserves, barely getting into position a battlegroup from SS Wiking and the 676 IR from the 57th ID.  The Russian advance slowed and by 10:00 Hrs (when this scenario starts), the Soviet forces have advanced only three kilometers.  In response, Front Commander Konev ordered new attacks south of the 389 ID position against the German defenses east of Ositnyazhka and Reymentarovka.

Scenario note: This action covers the German defense of this southern portion of the line by the 3rd Pz Division commander Oberst Rudolph Lang.

Lang's (your) challenge is to maintain his connection with the southern end of the 389 ID line at Ositnyazhka, while launching a counterattack in the direction of Burtki in the face of long odds.

Lang’s specific orders:

Maintain a connection with the 389 ID at Ositnyazkha.

Defend your present position.

Counterattack with the 6th Pz Regt towards Burtki in relief of the 3rd Aufklarung Bn.

Withdraw 3rd Auflarung Bn towards Reymentarovka to establish a new defensive line.

Order 106 Pioneer Battalion to prime the main road bridge at Martynosh for demolition.

This battlefield is 362.7 square kilometers.  German unit strength and Russian unit strength is evenly matched.  The weather is poor and deteriorating.  Air support is limited.

Good luck!

To download this folder, please click here.

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